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Title:  Western Sentiment

Year:  2013

Location:  Southeastern Utah

Limited Edition:  10

Sizes:  Superscape, Ultrascape, Megascape, Gigascape


While in Utah I wanted to take a photograph that captures the essence of the old american west.  While I found several locations that would be good, I passed them up in search of “The Shot.”  In the southeast of Utah not far from some Native American petroglyphs, I found myself in a valley surrounded by tall mesas.  Then I came across the element I was looking for–an old corral.  When I look at this scene I feel the gentle whisper of a dry breeze run past my ears as I watch the still landscape before me.  I see Native Americans hunting bison from the top of the mesas, and I see a wagon train of settlers passing by the scrub brush in the background.  I see a cowboy and his horse lasso a calf on the grasslands that escaped from the corral.  The other cattle watch casually from their pen.


Western Sentiment


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