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Title:  Twilight Moods

Year:  2013

Location:  Mesa Verde NP, Colorado

Limited Edition:  10

​Sizes:  Superscape, Ultrascape, Megascape

Ever since the clouds gifted the parched landscape with needed rains in the morning, I looked at the sky and predicted a spectacular sunset.  Since it was only 11:30 I couldn’t be sure of anything many hours in the future though.  With each passing hour the sky kept affirming my prediction.  There were many slow-moving clouds directly overhead, and it was seemingly clear hundreds of miles to the west.  I knew that a spectacular sunset is meaningless for a photograph if there isn’t a landscape to support it.  With this in mind, I headed towards the top of a tall mesa.  At this point the sun was just about to touch the horizon, so I was sprinting through sagebrush to compose a shot.  When I found my perspective, I pressed the shutter with not ten seconds to spare.


Twilight Moods


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