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Title:  Swift River Flow

Year:  2012

Location:  White Mountains, New Hampshire

Limited Edition:  250


Swift River Flow

Swift River Flow


Having woken up hours before sunrise, it was still dark out.  I was driving around looking for places to photograph in the White Mountains when I decided to park the car and get to scouting for a shot.  The cloudy sky was just beginning to get a hint of light, so I was able to turn my flashlight off.  Once I came upon the Swift River, I sat on a rock and waited for the sun to rise a bit more.  As it got lighter, I started photographing.  I took many shots from different angles of different areas, but I wanted to get to a certain spot in the middle of the river to shoot.  Having to jump a five foot gap on wet rocks in order to get there, I finally was able to take the shot I wanted.


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