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Title:  Serenity

Year:  2014

Location:  Hana, Maui, Hawaii

Limited Edition:  10


Along the Pipiwai Trail near the village of Hana on the island of Maui I was amazed by the scenery composed of mountains, valleys, streams, waterfalls, and giant trees. I kept hiking up and up to see a 400 foot waterfall that I hoped to photograph. When I eventually got to the waterfall, its beauty was obvious. It was equally as obvious that I would not be photographing it. It was late afternoon and the sun would be setting shortly. I decided to run back down the trail to use the light for a photograph of a bamboo forest instead of the waterfall. I’d never seen so much bamboo. Thin green stalks at least 30 feet high folded over the Pipiwai Trail to create a spectacular tunnel. At one point along the trail there were rough stone steps covered with dull orange bamboo leaves. The scene was interesting how the lines all pointed to a single focal point down the trail. At that point the trail bends slightly left which gives the impression of an endless pathway through the forest.



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