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One Vermont Afternoon

Title:  One Vermont Afternoon

Year:  2012

Location:  Fayston, Vermont

Limited Edition:  10


One Vermont Afternoon


I wanted to take a photograph that embodies the spirit of northern Vermont’s farmland.  As I was in the thick of Vermont’s farm country, many silos and hay barns were scattered about the landscape.  One barn and silo stood out to me in particular as I rounded the top of a hill.  I walked around for a while trying to compose a shot.  Lots of spiked seed pods got stuck in my clothes as walked through the fields, but it was all part of the experience.  I chose to take the shot with the beautifully colored green and brown grass in the foreground and the barn and silo further away.  I love how the broken cloud cover illuminates certain areas in the gentle rolling hills full of silos.  The scene gave me a nice relaxed feeling, so I named the shot, plain and simply, “One Vermont Afternoon.”


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