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Title:  Northeast Plots

Year:  2012

Location:  Charlotte, Vermont

Limited Edition:  250


Northeast Plots

Northeast Plots


When I was in the Lake Champlain area, I wanted to get some elevation for an overlooking photograph.  I decided to climb Mount Philo to see what perspective I could find.  Once at the top, I waited for some clouds to move in before photographing.  I shot nearly one hundred shots before I finally got the openings in the clouds to let the sunlight through in the just the right areas.  The difficulty was that the clouds were moving very fast, so I had to compose and shoot the photographs quickly.  The shot got its name because the fields and plots of land are not uniform like the midwest, but rather shaped irregularly like most fields of the northeast.  Every time I look at this photograph I can see more details that I previously had not seen.  Every animal in the fields are visible upon close inspection.


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