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Title:  Lighthouse Storm

Year:  2012

Location:  Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Limited Edition:  250


Lighthouse Storm

Lighthouse Storm


Portland Head Light has captured the attention of many photographers as I found out when I visited for the first time.  There were people taking photos with their camera phones and point-and-shoots everywhere.  It was just a typical sunny day and I knew everyone was getting the same, regular shots.  A few days later I returned early in the morning.  It was raining and the wind was blowing very hard – the kind of wind that kept turning my umbrella, which was supposed to shield my camera, inside-out.  I battled my way through the wind and rain out onto the rocks where I could set up my shot.  I hunkered down by my camera and kept shooting, trying to time the action of the violent incoming surf.  When I got the shot I was looking for and my camera was drenched, I retreated back up the slippery rocks.


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