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Island Life

Title:  Island Life

Year:  2012

Location:  Manjack Cay, Bahamas

Limited Edition:  250


Island Life


When I think of the Caribbean, this is what comes to mind.  I noticed the clouds in the afternoon and how they were allowing rays of sunlight to pass through.  I had a good feeling that early dusk would give a beautiful sky to the shot I wanted to make.  I composed a shot to include the shore as well as the ocean.  The island I was on was uninhabited apart from one or two huts, but nobody lived in them year-round.  Near one of these huts there were some coconut palms, rowboats, and beach chairs.  The scene struck me as classic island life.  Once the sun hit the critical point in the sky when the cloud layers became illuminated with color, I snapped the shutter and captured it.  The fact that my tripod was in the ocean, instead of on land, and the camera was inches off the water makes for an interesting perspective.  The palm frond-covered umbrella-looking thing in the water added the final element that the shot needed.


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