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Wherever you decide to hang them, Tanner Janesky photographs are sure to add an artistic statement to your home or office.  Browse the image gallery to get ideas about what type of environment you would like to hang your photograph in.  The large format photographs will make a lively impression in any home, waiting room, conference room, board room, or office environment.  These Photographs will certainly impress your guests and clients.


The large format photographs are excellent for:


     -entryways & foyers                             -over a couch                            -over a fireplace                       -home offices                    

     -work environments                              -commercial buildings               -waiting rooms                          -board room        
    -conference rooms                               -cafeterias                                  -restaurants                             -professional offices


Have you been staring at an empty wall in your home or workplace?  Consider a large format landscape photograph to hang on it.  Just chose your favorite image and you can view it everyday.  Tanner’s work is meant to evoke feelings of wonder, amazement, and nostalgia.  Give us a call today.  We would be happy to help you find the right photograph.

Hanging Works


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