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Title:  Frosty

Year:  2013

Location:  Weathersfield, Vermont

Limited Edition:  10



Having visited Stowe, Vermont to take a photograph of a waterfall, I found the falls to be completely frozen and inaccessible.  I decided to head south, but it became very dark and the roads were covered in four inches of snow, so I looked for a spot to park the car for the night.  Barely making it up a steep snowy hill in four-wheel drive, I found myself at Ascutney State Forest.  I spent a long cold night in the car – the temperature 18°F.  At 5:00 in the morning I began hiking up the big mountain in front of me.  At 6:00 the snow ceased to fall and I was in the middle of a winter wonderland.  The snow just sat atop the tree branches due to the still air.  Following coyote and bear tracks in the snow for over two hours, I made my way to the top of a frozen waterfall.  I knew that the frosty view before me would be where I made my shot.



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