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Essence of Baxter

Title:  Essence of Baxter

Year:  2012

Location:  Northeast Piscataquis, Maine

Limited Edition:  10


Essence of Baxter


I was in Baxter State Park exploring with my camera.  I was told there were many good places to take photos; I just had to find them.  I went out hiking on some trails that turned out to be poorly marked.  As it happened, I left my only map in the car.  I did study the map before I went hiking and I was under the impression that the trail would take me in a loop.  After a few hours of following the trail, I started to worry I was lost.  It’s not a good thing to be lost in Baxter State Park considering there is no civilization in the park, and it’s several times larger than Acadia National Park.  I hadn’t seen anyone else on the trail – not even any footprints.  Eventually, I arrived at a lake with a great view of the mountains.  I was so exhausted that I almost didn’t even open my camera bag.  I’m glad I took the shot though, because it really embodies the essence of the park – vastness of untouched wilderness.  It was only after I finally found my car that I realized I forgot to look at the scale on the map.  I ended up hiking eight miles with my forty pound camera bag to get the shot.


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