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Title:  Cottonwoods

Year:  2013

Location:  Southeastern Utah

Limited Edition:  10

​Sizes:  Superscape, Ultrascape, Megascape, Gigascape

A year ago I came across some old tin-type photography taken over a hundred years ago in the old west.  Immediately I loved one photograph in particular of a camp with tents surrounded by vertical canyon walls.  I could just imagine the wagons and horses passing through the bottom of the mesas years ago.  On my way to the Needles district of Canyonlands in southern Utah, I suddenly remembered this photograph as the mesa walls closed in around me.  I decided to continue moving towards the park in search of a photo, although that feeling of the old west started to fade.  On my way back out of the park though, I saw a location that looked like the image I had in my mind.  Crossing a dry creek bed and following Javelina trails up the scree slope of a mesa, I found the perspective I had been in search of.  I can just imagine cowboys resting under the shade of the cottonwoods as their horses get a much needed drink from the creek bed after a refreshing rain storm.




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