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Coast of Maine

Title:  Coast of Maine

Year:  2012

Location:  Acadia National Park, Maine

Limited Edition:  250


Coast of Maine


When I decided to go on a photography trip through New England, I knew I would have to go to Acadia National Park.  I had heard it was beautiful and I was looking forward to taking some good photographs.  When I finally arrived in the park, I explored the whole thing with disappointment.  I couldn’t find any good shots to take despite the fact that beauty was everywhere.  I left the park the next day to continue my journey elsewhere.  For some reason, I felt compelled to get at least one shot from the park, so I returned a week later.  After waking up early to capture the sunrise and early morning light, I hiked along the seashore and rocks until I composed a shot I liked.  I waited for the sun to come over the horizon to reveal the vibrance of the orange rocks before I took the shot.


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