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Black Rock Dam


Title:  Black Rock Dam

Year:  2012

Location:  Thomaston, Connecticut

Limited Edition:  250


My friend and I were on a long hike in the woods of Connecticut to explore the area.  We didn’t put to much thought into the fact that it was getting dark and we were still heading further into the woods.  Once we finally realized that it was getting harder to see, we started sprinting back through the woods until we had to slow down to a very slow walking pace for lack of light.  We saw a gravel path that we thought might take us out to a road with lights, so we followed it.  There was no road, just darkness.  We kept slowly walking along, trying not to walk into anything, when we saw a light in the distance.  We walked closer and closer until, bang!  We had no idea what the loud sound was that was still resonating.  As we approached the light source, we discovered that the it was coming from the tower on a dam.  We were both awed by the sight, and I decided to get my camera out.  I composed the shot, took some test exposures, then made my final eight minute exposure.  As we were leaving, we were both startled by another loud bang.  It was coming from the bridge on the dam.  I think it had something to do with the contracting metal slipping with the falling temperature of night.  I returned to the location three more times trying to improve upon the shot, but I failed to do so.  I just love that first shot because of how accidental it was stumbling upon it in the dark.


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