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Title:  Androscoggin River

Year:  2012

Location:  White Mountains, New Hampshire

Limited Edition:  250


Androscoggin River

In the White Mountains in New Hampshire, I began to navigate the labyrinth of hiking trails.  I love flowing water – rivers, streams, waterfalls – so when I was hiking along one of the trails and I came across a river, I decided to follow it.  After hopping along giant river boulders for a few miles, I came to an area where the rocks were uniform in size and shape and the riverbank made a straight line.  I envisioned a panoramic photograph of the scene, then unpacked my camera equipment and started shooting.  I love how the straight birch tree trunks lead the eye down to the flowing water and then to the round river rocks.  It was only after I returned to the trail and saw a map that I realized the river was actually the Androscoggin River.


Androscoggin River


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