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Title:  Ancient Horizon

Year:  2013

Location:  Mesa Verde NP, Colorado

Limited Edition:  10

​Sizes:  Superscape, Ultrascape, Megascape

I went to Mesa Verde to capture a photograph of the ancient ruins built into the cliffs.  Just before sunset I thought I could get some warm light on one of the Pueblo cliff dwellings, however I didn’t plan the angle of the sun properly.  I kept moving quickly along the park road in hopes of capturing one of the ruins with some good light on it.  Unfortunately I came to the realization that the shot wasn’t going to happen for me that day.  I couple minutes later I found myself sprinting with my camera gear.  For a brief couple of seconds, the light was absolutely brilliant in the sky.  The colorful, soft light permeated throughout the landscape, bathing it in a rich ambience like I’d never seen.  At that moment I realized I was gazing at the horizon that the ancient peoples themselves would have relished.


Ancient Horizon


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