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Tanner Janesky, fine art nature and landscape photographer, travels to remote locations in search of the perfect shot.  Armed with his camera gear, he sets out for weeks at a time with his sole purpose being to capture a special moment in time in the natural environment.  After carefully composing each shot, Tanner waits for just the right light before pressing the shutter.

Once the photographs have been captured, they are printed on a special metallic paper that gives the prints a glowing look that cannot be achieved with any other paper. The printer Tanner uses to make his prints weighs 300 lbs and uses 11 different colors of archival ink for exceptional color and detail.

Each print is a limited edition artwork.  Every print has it’s edition number next to the artist’s signature.  Once the edition of a photograph is sold out, it will never be produced again.  The values of the photographs increase as more of the edition gets sold.  Therefore, the photographs are not only beautiful artwork, but also an excellent investment.

​About the Work

Once an edition is sold out, that photograph will no longer be available.  Once Tanner has printed a photograph, he puts his signature and the photograph’s edition number in the lower right corner.  Using an optically clear double-sided adhesive, he carefully mounts the photograph to a high quality sheet of 1/4” acrylic.  Not only does the acrylic protect the print from UV rays, it gives the photograph incredible clarity and vibrance.  Many people often think the photographs are backlit because of this effect.

​As a result of extremely high resolution files, a sophisticated printer and ink, special metallic paper, and acrylic facemounting, the photographs have a life-like look – a feeling of being inside the photograph.  This effect is Tanner Janesky’s signature photographic look.

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